zen humboldt

our beloved staff

Linaya – Floor Manager

Linaya has been a Humboldt local for half a decade with a passion for community outreach and supporting small, local businesses. An HSU graduate, Linaya loves a good book, art and cooking. Catch her at Moonstone with her dogs and boyfriend or frequenting some of the local bookstores. Linaya’s favorite product is the Lowell Pre-Rolls. She says they have beautiful packaging and taste fantastic. 

Ondre – Budtender

Ondre values customer service above all else and sends every customer out of the door taken care of and stoked. Ondre enjoys watching movies and going on nature adventures with his girlfriend. Ondre’s favorite product is Ember Valley’s “Jawbreaker” – he says it’s super stoney with a great candy flavor. 

Adam – Budtender  

Adam joined Humboldt 7 years ago from the sprawling hills of Anaheim. Adam is a talented chef and enjoys the beauty of Humboldt, he’d love to chat you up about some local hiking spots! Adam’s favorite product is the CBN Lychee Plus gummies – he hasn’t slept this good in years!

Ryan – Budtender

Ryan, a HSU graduate with a love & talent for music, is always ready to hook you up with top notch cannabis recommendations and a good laugh. Ryan is the life of the party over here at Zen and she looks forward to helping with all your cannabis needs.

Molly – Budtender

Molly, a HSU Graduate, has a smile that lights up our entire shop! If you need product knowledge or somebody to brighten your day, they are your go to budtender. Molly enjoys knitting and making art. They take their dog to the beach every chance they get! Molly recommends the Tonik shots for a quick hitting and positive high.

Clayton – Budtender

Clayton joined the Humboldt community 6 years ago. Catch Clayton playing disc golf or lounging at the beach on his days off! If you want to chat cannabis and gaming make sure to say hi to Clayton next time you stop by. Clayton recommends the Live Resin Blueberry Chews from Lost Farms if you’re looking for a solid edible. “May The 4th Always Be With You”

Robert – Budtender

Robert, from San Jose, has been a Humboldt local for the last five years! Robert is a fountain of cannabis knowledge and is always ready to serve you with a smile. Robert’s favorite product is Papa & Barkley’s THC:CBD patches. They work miracles for his back pain! On his days off, Robert enjoys exploring the back hills of Humboldt and soaking up the beauty of our rad community. 

Dylan – Budtender & Security

Dylan, a former football player for the Jacks, joined the Humboldt family 3 years ago and has loved every second of it! Dylan is ready to help our customers with a great attitude and an appreciation for the beauty of cannabis. His favorite flower is grown by Ember Valley, he *highly* recommends it. Catch Dylan longboarding around town with his wife and if you need some good book recommendations, he’s your guy.  

Tim – Security 

Catch Tim hanging around town with his wonderful fiancé – if you need some gaming recommendations he is definitely your guy! A community member of McKinleyville, Tim’s favorite product is any and all Jeeter Cartridges. He loves the packaging and says you can’t beat the terpenes.