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HOT Items at Zen!

Wondering what’s selling like hot cakes (or pot cakes hee hee) at Zen Humboldt? Here it is, get them while they’re here!


Our customers love everyday dabs

because of what they are- the perfect dab

for the everyday smoker. Tasty and

powerful, their live resin wax comes in different forms- shatter, budder, crumble, and sugar catering to whatever dab experience you are craving that day!


What makes quality flower even better?

Drenching that flower in concentrated diamond

dust upping the THC percentage and upping the

high. Oh did we mention there would be a solid

chance of hail? Huge diamonds falling

to the bottom of your jar, that is. 


The Dablicator is a full gram of solventless FSO oil

that can be used for any number of things! You can

roll it on the outside of your joint with some kief for

a handmade infused joint that is sure to impress

your friends. You can also use it as a topical, rubbing

it into your skin if you have minor aches or pains. Heck,

you can even just eat it straight out of the tube! 

Their second spotlight item is their chillum- a glass

tube you smoke out of that feels like a bong rip, is

convenient like a pipe, and is completely reusable.

When you initially buy their chillum, it is packed full

of .8 grams of quality flower then topped with .2

grams of solventless wax and layer of kief on top.

This product is legendary and is bound to lift you to

the skies after one hit.

See you soon!

Much love,


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