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Located in Sonoma, CA, The Garden Society was founded by two women, passionate about redefining cannabis for women and making the experience as seamless as possible. Focusing on education, relatability, and comfort, their products are perfect for any level of smoker. All of their products contain sustainable ingredients, strain-specific cannabis, and promote responsible farming practices! If you are looking for an ethical, innovative, and high-quality brand that will give you an extra boost of happiness with each puff, look no further!

Full Flower Rosettes

Garden Society’s pre-roll "rosettes" come in a 10 pack of mini’s adding up to 3.75g of sun-grown flower with indica, sativa, CBD, and THCv options.

  • Blissful Rest is an indica-dominant pack, rolled with the strain Girl Crush. This strain is intended to relieve any aches or pains you have, as well as give you a peaceful rest throughout the night.

  • Brighter Day is their sativa pack with the classic strain Blue Dream. Smoke these if you want to have a great start to your day or need a little mood booster in the middle of it.

  • Calm & Focus contains their CBD-rich strain Special Sauce. With 16.51% CBD and only .87% THC, these pre-rolls will give you clarity and a clear head so you can enjoy your day or relax before bed.

  • Reserve is their THCv pack in which they partnered with Emerald Spirit Botanicals from Willits, CA. These pre-rolls contain their award-winning strain Pink Boost Goddess that induces a focused, joyful, and motivating high.

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